OK Cafe 1/7/24

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This week, January 7, at 10 a.m. on OK Cafe, John Schaenzer will be hosting the discussion. We will be talking about the video that Thomas posted this week on The Josiah Manifesto. You can find his video here: https://youtu.be/NMM0tgY44Sg?si=LJ-koR9fNJ0UdFki

We will be discussing how Josiah stood up against the evil of his day, and how we as the Ekklesia must respond today. Even if you have not read Jonathan Cahn's book, "The Josiah Manifesto," you may still enter into the discussion. Just read II Kings 22-23 and come to the OK Cafe ready to discuss Josiah and the USA. Here is a link to the OK Cafe room: https://okmtraining.org/online-ekklesia/student-ekklesia/

If you would like to help support this ministry you may make donations at: https://okmtraining.org/donate/