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This coming Sunday, December 10, on OKM Live we begin at 9:40 a.m. with prophetic worship by Young Hearts Worship. Then at 10 a.m. our Host, John Schaenzer, will welcome everyone and lead us in prayer for the broadcast. Russ Wagner will be joining and he will be bringing a report form a webinar he recently attended. It was a meeting of Christ Followers from around the world in a meeting called "Global Kingdom Conversations." The presenter at the webinar was Wolfgang Simson, author of the book, "Houses That change The World." He spoke on the "Foundations of Kingdom Colonies." Russ' presentation will be a report on the webinar and then he will present a strategy from heaven for developing Kingdom Colonies here in the USA.

Following the presentation from Russ we will have a Discussion on his presentation and other relevant topics from our world, and how we as Christ Followers might respond. John will moderate this discussion and keep everyone on topic. We will also have Mods in the Chat Room to facilitate your participation. As a participant in the audience you will have the opportunity to ask questions in the chat room. This is your time to speak up. We anticipate a lot of audience participation in response to the broadcast this week.

Be sure to tune in Sunday at 9:40 a.m. EST, for the livestream of prophetic worship by Young Hearts Worship and the broadcast of Equipping Ekklesia. We will also be remembering our Savior-King's Sacrifice for us and renewing our Covenant with Him. If you wish to participate in this, please bring bread and juice to the gathering.

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