Malachi 316 Night with Jan Coverstone & Thomas Pierce -

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Malachi 3:16 Night with Servant & Prophetic Teacher Jan Coverstone! Co Host on Equipping Ekklesia & Overseer of OKM Ekklesias Nationwide, also Anointed Life Coach Thomas Pierce! My favorite times, are times spent in the Word, one on one with my Holy Spirit and discussing the Word with fellow believers and friends who love the same. That’s why I love Malachi 3:16 Night. Tonight we will learn more from Jan as He goes more deeply into Prophesy and talk about the Ekklesia. Get this, Jan's passion is to make pentacostals, pentacostal again! Bring a note pad and a favorite pen. For some great nuggets of wisdom. Books by Jan Coverstone The Gifts Grace and Flow of the Holy Spirit Let the Living Waters Flow Spiritual Warfare: Understanding Biblical Truths & Satan's Deceptions The Gifts, Grace, and Flow of the Holy Spirit: Understanding Guide (Spiritual Truth Series)