GVP #176 - Christopher James - Practical Common Law Solutions

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Russ Wagner
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Common Law is the highest Law of the Land and trumps all other systems - particularly the deceptive Admiralty/ Maritime Law system under which all the "rules" introduced in the wake of the Covid Scamdemic are being "justified."

Christopher James, of the A Warrior Calls website, has dedicated the past two decades to spreading awareness of these fundamental truths. The moment enough people gain a comprehension of what true Rights are, and the monumental ways in which we've been deceived all our lives by corrupt criminals in the political and "legal" fields, is the moment we get our God-given freedoms back.

Chris joins Good Vibrations this episode to talk about how this information is our route out of our current shared information.

Christopher’s website is www.awarriorcalls.com. He hosts three live streams per week at event.webinarjam.com/channel/awarriorcalls