Webinar #6 - If Biden wins?  If Trump wins?  How do we effectively respond?

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Russ Wagner
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The Activist's Handbook: https://americanpolicy.org/handbook

The truth is, no matter the outcome of this contested election, we have to take a stand right there at home to protect our freedom!
Here is APC’s activist training webinar #6. My main interest in producing these is to help concerned citizens to get started in their local activism. That is the main focus of these training webinars. They also help those experienced activists to learn new tactics.  
This newest addition recaps and provides more detail for the very basic organizing steps needed to begin to form your local organization and guide your community to become a Freedom Pod.
Also attached are the original 5 webinars for you to review. Please share them all far and wide to your friends and fellow activists! Together, let’s take American back!