eQuipping ghr Ekklesia - Introduction to Ekklesia Part #4 Going on the Offense

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Russ Wagner
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This Sunday on eQuipping the Ekklesia we will continue the series of Introduction to Ekklesia with Part #4 - "Going On Offense." We will do a deep dive into four words Jesus used in Matthew 16:13-20.... GATES, KEYS, BIND, and LOOSE. Also, Colonial Kevin Bushey (R) USAF, will be with us to give an update on Qanon and the Military Operations. Great things have happened this week! General Flynn's case was dropped! He is talking! POTUS is using the word, "Treason" publicly. The Deep State is in panic mode! Join us this Sunday, June 28, at 10 a.m. EDT. Please bring bread and juice to the meeting as we will remember the sacrifice of our King and also renew our covenant with Him.