eQuipping the Ekklesia - Introduction to Ekklesia Part #3 What Man Has Built - THE MAN PLAN

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Russ Wagner
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This Sunday morning on eQuipping the Ekklesia we will dive into a Bible Study on the subject of "Church." This will be Part #3 of the series on Introduction to Ekklesia. Did you know that Jesus did not start the Church? And in fact, it was started by a pagan King 325 years after Jesus and the disciples left the earth? Colonial Kevin Bushey (R) USAF will also be with us to bring an update on all the current events. There is a lot going on with home grown terrorist groups taking over the cities of America! WOW! Never in my long lifetime have I ever seen things like what are going on today. What we are doing here on Sunday mornings is a user friendly version of our Bootcamp. It is open to the public. So, invite your friends and family members.